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Sun, May 21


Yoga Shala 853

澳門邁索爾 Mysore Macau

適合初學者或者練習阿斯湯伽瑜伽人士 Suitable for beginners or Ashtanga yoga practitioners

澳門邁索爾 Mysore Macau
澳門邁索爾 Mysore Macau

時間及地點 Time & Location

May 21, 2023, 4:15 PM – 5:45 PM GMT+8

Yoga Shala 853, 澳門宋玉生廣場322-362號誠豐商業中心4樓K室, 4K, Centro Comercial Cheng Feng, Macao

有關課堂 About the class

邁索爾有一個固定的系統,固定的練習序列,六個程度嘅級別,注重三大元素:體位法、呼吸和凝視點,是練習阿斯湯伽瑜伽的特色。  邁索爾瑜伽練習讓學生在小組環境中進行屬於自己進度的個人化練習。而老師在課室裡走動,觀察並輔助有需要的學生提供一對一指導。 阿斯湯伽瑜伽很適合初學者學習。老師在課堂會以「引導」方式說出阿斯湯加初級序列的動作和串聯帶領學生一齊進行。所以無論你已經有練習阿斯湯伽抑或初學者,都歡迎一起練習。Yoga Shala 853提供一個舒適練習環境,歡迎查詢詳情及報名:+853 63016780 


Mysore has its own system, fixed practice sequence, six levels, focusing on three major elements: asana, breathing and gaze point, are the features of practicing Ashtanga yoga.  Mysore yoga practice engages students in a self-paced, individualized practice in a group setting. The teacher moves through the room, giving assistance, instruction, and guidance as needed on a one-on-one basis.   Ashtanga yoga is good for beginners. These classes often feature ‘led’ sections – the teacher will call out the postures and vinyasas of the Ashtanga Primary Series. So no matter you have been practicing Asthanga for awhile or just a beginner, you are both welcome to join the class. At Yoga Shala 853, we provide a comfortable space for your practice. 

Enquire us for details and sign up: +853 63016780

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