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Tue, Jun 20


Yoga Shala 853

肩頸伸展 Shoulders & Neck Stretching

適合任何人士參加 Suitable for everyone

肩頸伸展 Shoulders & Neck Stretching
肩頸伸展 Shoulders & Neck Stretching

時間及地點 Time & Location

Jun 20, 2023, 1:05 PM – 2:05 PM GMT+8

Yoga Shala 853, 澳門宋玉生廣場322-362號誠豐商業中心4樓K室, 4K, Centro Comercial Cheng Feng, Macao

有關課堂 About the class

在肩頸伸展課上,老師會著重於拉伸上半身的部分,幫助學生緩解肩膀和頸部的僵硬和緊張。 教師將觀察學生的能力,以便每個學生都按照自己的步伐和限度進行伸展。

In the Shoulders and Neck stretching class, teacher will focus on stretching the upper body more which can help students’ relief their stiffness and tension around the shoulders and neck. Teacher will observe the capability of the students so that each student is stretching at their own pace and limitation.

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