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Yoga Shala 853

身體伸展 Body Stretching

適合任何人士參加 Suitable for everyone

身體伸展  Body Stretching
身體伸展  Body Stretching


2023年4月11日 17:15 – GMT+8 18:15

Yoga Shala 853, 澳門宋玉生廣場322-362號誠豐商業中心4樓K室, 4K, Centro Comercial Cheng Feng, Macao



Stretching is an active and passive form of exercise. It enables the joints of the body to move to the maximum extent of motion and relieves tension and stiffness in the body. Stretching is also a kind of health-care exercise. It helps to unblock the lymph glands of the whole body and relax the joints. It can enhance the flexibility of the body, relax muscles, and reduce sports injuries and fatigue.


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